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Embark on a personalized skincare experience tailored to you. Our expert consultations go beyond identifying your skin type – we delve into your concerns and goals. Discover the transformative power of understanding your skin, considering lifestyle factors, and creating a tailored plan for radiant, healthy skin. Elevate your beauty journey with us!

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Filler Chin - from $599

Dermal Filler Cheeks - from $599

Lip Filler (Plump) - from $579

Dermal fillers can plump the lips, enhance shallow contours, and even  minimize the appearance of facial creases.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Forehead - from $125

Crows feet - from $249 

Frown - from $230     

2 upper face areas - from $349 

3 upper face areas - from $499

Neck Lift | Nefertiti Lift - from $249

Jaw Slimmer | Masseter reduction - from $499

DAO (Downturned mouth) - $99

Lip Flip - $99

Gummy Smile - $99

Anti-wrinkle injections (wrinkle relaxers) are the most effective treatment for treating lines and wrinkles. 

Wrinkle relaxers can treat frowns, foreheads, crow’s feet, brow lifts, widened jawlines, dimpled chin, and gummy smiles.

Single treatment $800 (RRP 900)

Two treatments   $1400 (RRP 1700)

This includes a complimentary Celluma LED light therapy.

Distinguished as a "skin booster," it's hyaluronic acid that's injected as microdroplets below the surface of the skin that focuses on skin hydration rather than volume repletion. It is a modified form of HA (hyaluronic acid) that helps the skin retain its natural moisture, which improves skin smoothness and fine lines of cheeks.

Unlike dermal fillers, which are used for specific facial contouring like plumping lips or defining cheekbones, This treatment takes a different approach. This taps into the moisture-attracting qualities of hyaluronic acid to boost skin hydration and enhance texture. Bioremodeling injectable treatment is all about enhancing your skin's radiance without changing what makes your face uniquely yours.

Skin Needling

Face - $249

Neck - $249 

Decolletage - $249     

Exosomes + SkinPen Microneedling (Face and Neck) + LED Light Therapy - $550 

Ultimate Rejuvenation Series - 5x Exosomes + SkinPen Microneedling (Face and Neck) + LED Light Therapy - $2,200

Discover the transformative power of Skin Needling, our premier treatment designed to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin from within. 

Also known as micro-needling, this minimally invasive procedure uses fine needles to create micro-punctures in the skin's surface, stimulating the natural healing process and promoting collagen and elastin production. 

Ideal for reducing the appearance of fine lines and scars, improving overall skin texture. Skin Needling offers a path to smoother, firmer, and more radiant skin. 

Experience the benefits of enhanced skin regeneration with minimal downtime, making it a perfect solution for today's busy lifestyles. Embrace the natural beauty of your skin, revitalized with Skin Needling.


Total time: 45 mins

Price: $180 | Package of 3: $450

The CLA Te Koa facial is a powerful yet gentle skin resurfacing treatment designed to improve and enhance your skin with no downtime. Enjoy this treatment that simultaneously performs deep cleansing, exfoliation, zo chemical peel, and specialized serum. This facial will instantly refresh your skin. 

In this facial we will be featuring the  ZO Essential Stimulator Peel which is often referred to as a “lunch time peel” or “red carpet peel” as there is little or no downtime, redness or peeling afterwards, just a subtle glow. 

Treating all skin types safely ZO Stimulator Peel is a highly effective superficial skin peel for many signs of skin ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles, superficial pigmentation, mild acne, congestion, age spots, pigmentation, uneven skin texture and enlarged pores. 

For skin that is looking dull and feeling rough, the Stimulator Peel is a must. Using a new, unique combination of exfoliating ingredients, your skin will be renewed and revived. With no downtime, this is the ultimate results-oriented treatment your skin has been looking for. 

Total time: 60 mins

Price: $250 | Package of 3: $600

Medically driven results meet luxury spa relaxation. 

The CLA AURORA Facial begins with a thorough Double facial cleanse and exfoliation using Ultra-fine magnesium crystals by Zo Skin health.

Followed by ZO Stimulator Peel – Level 2 Peel. This peel is great for anyone seeking to tighten and exfoliate the skin. The CLA Level 2 peel is customized to target your specific concerns. It exfoliates the skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and surface pigment. It also evens skin tone and prevents inflammation. The anti-irritants help this peel to calm and soothe the skin. You will enjoy an invigorating ZO aloe jelly mask that soothes the skin.

High-Frequency Therapy Wand. The facial magic is in the wand. The wand will soothe away inflammation caused by acne and other skin concerns as well as treat the effects of aging. The electrodes gently firm skin and reverse the signs of aging for a more youthful complexion. Push away toxin build-up from the skin by increasing circulation and giving skin cells enriching nutrients to boost collagen production. 

It will be concluded by a relaxing facial massage. Prepare for zen. This is a deeply relaxing and restorative massage focusing on the face which improves collagen production, circulation, and healing. Hydrated and brighter, your skin will have the perfect ‘Aurora’ glow. 

Facial Additions

Hydrojelly Mask - $10

Celluma Led Light Therapy - $30 


Total time: 90 mins

Price: $350 | Package of 3: $900

Buccal massage - The facial workout.

The Luciana facial is CLA's face sculpt treatment. This facial is a complete facial workout that is focused on draining the lymphatic system. This cutting edge aesthetic sculpting massage restores firmness, glow and youth to the skin. With its deep muscular action, it shapes the facial contours, emphasises the cheekbones and opens up the eyes. The facial foundations are deeply enhanced, and your natural glow is instantly restored.

Buccal massage is a highly specialized technique that naturally sculpts the face. Stimulating lymphatic drainage, a gloved aesthetician will use their thumbs and forefingers to massage the muscles and ligaments inside and around the mouth. Often called the ‘Facelift Facial,’ this deep tissue massage provides an immediate lift, releases tension, and diminishes deep lines. 

Before starting the buccal massage, you will first indulge in a skin ritual treatment that includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, chemical peel and a facial mask that instantly revitalize your skin. 

This treatment will include a celluma LED light therapy to help stimulate collagen, treat acne and improve signs of aging. 

We complete the experience with the application of mindfully selected skincare products tailored to your skin's needs.

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