Meet our Injector, Aubry

"I have been a registered nurse since 2009. I love the field of medical aesthetics as it allows me to combine my passion for medicine, arts and beauty."

Aubry is the woman behind Coastal Luxe Aesthetics. She penned the idea and turned it into a reality.

She started her nursing career in 2009 and then worked as a gerontology, surgical, and now cosmetic nurse.

With a total of almost ten years in the industry, Aubry has proven to be knowledgeable, professional, and definitely an expert in providing an aesthetic experience.

Unrelated to nursing, Aubry had a wonderful career as a  model during her younger years and also owned and managed a successful clothing store. So, the interest for fashion and beauty is natural to her. It is not a surprise then when she decided to combine this with her nursing skills. After spending a fraction of her life taking care of the elderly and providing care to the patients on the operating table, she made up her mind to wander the road towards aesthetic wellness. This became a reality when she was trained by the extremely talented people of JUVAE ( Eventually, this led to the establishment of Coastal Luxe Aesthetics.

At home, Aubry is a loving wife and mama to a beautiful baby boy. The family truly loves to travel, go on hikes, binge-watch TV shows together, and have night outs with their closest friends! 

"I love dedicating my career to helping my patients feel more confident, empowered, and look their best."

" Coastal Luxe Aesthetics will be a home that empowers everyone, embodies individuality, and encourages making decisions that bring joy. It’s a place where we understand the value of self-care and always provide a judgment-free zone. "

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